Teaching Experience

At Syracuse University:

EED 443 – Literacy Methods for Grades 4-6 (Fall 2017; Fall 2018; Spring 2019)
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Bong Gee Jang & Dr. Zaline Roy-Campbell
Dr. Jang and Dr. Roy-Campbell, in collaboration with Dr. Dotger in science education and Dr. Sharpe in mathematics education, developed the course so that it was part of a coordinated Mediated Field Experience (MFE) in the fifth-grade classes at a local middle school. My responsibilities include preparing PSTs for the MFE; supervising the weeks that my PSTs observe, prepare, and conduct English Language Arts lessons in fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms; structuring and supporting the PSTs’ creation of argumentative writing curricula; and responding to lesson plans and lessons.
17_F_EED425 Jang Revised 5(1)

Cooper-Novack Excerpts from Jang Evaluations EED 443 Fall 2017

RED 614 – Teaching 21st Century Writers In and Out of School (Fall 2016; Fall 2018)
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Marcelle Haddix
 Dr. Haddix’s MEd students in RED 614 work with high school students through the out-of-school-time writing program Writing Our Lives. For the course I have developed presentations on different writing genres (in the categories of Writing for Social Justice, Writing on Social Media, Self Writing, and Poetry) that offered the master’s students different methods of developing lessons on these topics. I also supported students in creating and revising lesson plans, developing their own writing, and engaging with new educational spaces. Fall 2016 was, of course, my first teaching experience at Syracuse University; I was still learning what the parameters of my work were, which I think the evaluations reflect.
Cooper-Novack excerpts from Haddix evaluations RED 614 Fall 2016
RED 614 Evaluations-Haddix 2018
Cover Letter Presentation WOL 9-24-18
Uncollege Essay Pres RED614 10-1-18
Spoken Word PPT RED 614 11-7-16
Twitter Essay PPT RED 614 10-24-16
Fanfiction PPT RED614 10-3-16

RED 615 – Teaching Academic Writing (Spring 2018; Spring 2019)
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Rachel Brown
While this course is not an official part of my GAship, I sought to work with Dr. Brown as my advisor for the Future Professoriate Program, as I was eager to assist with this course in particular. I have developed lectures and handouts on writing pedagogy and the writing process, supported Dr. Brown in restructuring her syllabus, and developed discussion questions and assignments for master’s-level students.
RED615 Syllabus SP18 1.22.18


RED 326/625 – Literacy Across the Curriculum (Spring 2018)
Working with Heather Waymouth, instructor of record and a graduate student in my department, I supervised preservice teachers (primarily, though not exclusively, undergraduates) in a tutoring program at Grant Middle School. My responsibilities include reviewing tutoring lesson plans, communicating with teachers, students, school administrators, and PSTs, and reviewing PSTs’ portfolio/binder work.
syllabus spring 2018 (1)(2)
RED 326-625 Evaluations-Waymouth(1)


A word cloud generated from student evaluations of my teaching, 2016-2019.

Outside Syracuse University:

GemmaCooperNovack.com (2012–present)
Writing Coach and Educator
I began my career as a writing coach working for the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Office of Access and Disability Services, supporting graduate students with disabilities on long-term writing projects. Through a series of referrals, I expanded that work into an independent business, working over eight years with nearly two hundred clients from the ages of eleven to seventy—graduate students, middle schoolers, bankers, novelists, monks. My work offers general scaffolding principles to support specific, dynamic writing processes and relationships with writing.
Oak Point Writing Longer Work outline 
Writing Coach testimonials

Downtown Writers’ Center at the YMCA & Young Authors Academy (2018-present)
Writing Instructor (Dramatic Scriptwriting for teenagers; Writerly Obsessions, The Essence of Short Plays, & Writing Longer Work for adults)
I began my relationship with the YAA as a researcher, but have crossed into teaching as well, building adolescent community and cross-disciplinary work through my dramatic scritpwriting course and collaboration with fellow instructors. This fall I began teaching for adults as well, from cross-disciplinary work focused on understanding the writing process to courses specifically focused on playwriting.
Writerly Obsessions Syllabus
Short Plays Syllabus DWC2019

Various Organizations, Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Syracuse, NY (2000-Present)
Theater and Writing Teaching Artist
The first ten years of my career were spent working with elementary, middle, and high school students as a theater & writing teaching artist in Chicago and Boston. I created the “Playmaking and Performance” curriculum for high school students at Michele Clark High School via After School Matters, worked with Barrel of Monkeys Theater Company to encourage and support elementary school writers, developed multiple theater curricula for fifth-graders at Boston’s Gardner Pilot Academy, and many others, and currently work with middle school refugee and immigrant youth on a theater project and a writing project, through the Public Humanities Fellowship, at Syracuse’s North Side Learning Center.

Brookline Adult and Community Education (2014–2017)
Writing Instructor (Writing Longer Work & Writing the Perfect Cover Letter)
As a community educator, I taught the “Writing Longer Work” course to six classes of continuing education students over four years, as well as piloting a cover letter curriculum.
WLW _Syllabus_ 2016
WLW Lesson Plan Week 1
Writing Process Outline

Boston Plan for Excellence (2013-2014, 2016)
Writing Coach, Writing Rights Instructor, Job Readiness Instructor
At BPE, I coached individual preservice teachers for one year, then with a coteacher piloted a year-long critical writing course for Americorps members during the pilot year of their program in a local charter elementary school. As the Americorps program evolved, I continued to work with them, eventually piloting a job readiness course for its members with my partner Zeke Russell.
Cover Letter Presentation Final

Ghana Literacy Project, Pokuase, Ghana (2009)
Founding Program Director, Theater and Performance Club
I travelled to Ghana in 2009 and worked with a local literacy NGO to create a youth theater group for junior secondary and primary 5 & 6 students. The students created two original plays, including music and dance, which they performed for the local community, including the elders; I also worked with and trained two teachers who sustained the programming for several years after my departure.

Truman College/Association House of Chicago, Chicago, IL (2007-2008)
Adult Education Instructor
My work at Association House was formative in the development of my work as an outsider/community educator. I taught reading and writing to adults who tested below a fifth-grade level and mathematics first to the same group, then later to those who tested at the high school level and were preparing to take the GED. I worked with my colleagues to develop cross-curricular themes for units of study and devised events and activities to build community within the program and in connection with the rest of the multi-service community agency.